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Free Photos – get ’em now   Leave a comment

Browsing the internet with my morning brew I saw something every educator can use one day or another …..

… yes they’re FREE…. and we teachers clamor over the FREE stuff.

…they are millions of quality photos – that’s right, photos.

Now you can schmooze up those boring presentations with metaphors and ya know…..
one image is worth a thousand words……students will snap to attention with your flashy presentations now.

Check  ’em out ………….

1. Until now, stock.xchng has been my favorite tool for free images. Some of the images require a author notification of use, some don’t. They are all big, some have quite a high-resolution.

2. EveryStockPhoto is a service similar to stock.xchng, but check this out: they have 3,161,661 free photos in their database.

3.  PicApp is a new website, currently in BETA stage, that lets you look (and use) for creative & editorial images. They are all high quality (like you would find on Getty Images), but there’s a downside. When embeddi

4.  Photoree is a service that’s searching Flickr database for images released under the Creative Commons license.

5.  FreeFoto has been around for many years and has a database of about 115.000 photos, organized in about 3000 categories.

Traveling today, Jack

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Teacher Handbook For The Digital Age   Leave a comment

I finally finished this short book I’ve been working on ……

It’s a sum total of using what I’ve my strategies to engage student, using current events to hook ’em, and the research I’ve been working on too.  Heck, if students aren’t interested in the lesson material there is no hope they’ll do well on the tests ….. let alone pay attention in class.

The trick for me is to generate a lesson that is interesting to them and keeps me on course for the lesson objectives.  So far, I think I found the right recipe.  If you have any suggestions let me know – I’m all ears.

You can pick up a free copy if you want to see what I’m doing at

Coasting, Jack

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