Teachers need TLC too   Leave a comment

So much news, everywhere you look, about the quality of education ……

Everyone has the right answer to fix the issues and challenges that have existed for decades.

Teachers, if you find yourself weary and in need of some spiritual tools to uplift and transform the quality of your living then check out this book …..

Energetic Living – http://www.joyfullighteducation.com/ebook.php

…. or the baskets of links/resources at Pillars of Light Spiritual Center –  http://www.pillarsoflightspiritualcenter.com


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Quantum energetics – or just talk ions   Leave a comment

Here is an easy way to apply ions to real life – a healing tool that is certified by the FDA.

Check it out!  Discuss the flow of positive and negative ions in/out of the body to get students familiar with the idea that electrical charges do exist. are essential to our health.

The link below has the details and the research links too.


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Troubled Teens Explore Their Artistic Side   1 comment

Program for juvenile offenders fosters creativity, literacy, and freedom of expression through hip-hop.

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Hip-Hop Helps Teach Everything from English to Algebra   Leave a comment

Like many 16-year-olds, Amir Ali spends a lot of time after school talking with friends about sports, girls, and music — specifically, hip-hop music. But last year, during his sophomore year at Lynwood High School, in Lynwood, California, Ali noticed a drastic shift in these spirited afternoon after-school conversations.


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Students learning math lessons using hip-hop   Leave a comment

check out this project based learning …

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$3.5 Billion in Title I School Improvement Grants   Leave a comment

.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan announced the final requirements for $3.5 billion in Title I School Improvement grants to turn around the nation’s lowest performing schools. The applications are now available.


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What Makes A Teacher Qualified   Leave a comment

NPR: American schools have been trying for decades to improve teacher quality, with mixed results. Over the next year, we will explore those efforts, and look at the latest crop of teachers entering the profession.


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