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Five Strategies: Project Based Learning   Leave a comment

This is a decent article for improving what you are doing or for designing some new project lessons.

You can also pick up a free Guide to build lessons that promote social skills and academic skills if you want it.—Five-Strategies&id=4212091

Use Reiki to reduce stress and improve your wellness.


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Troubled Teens Explore Their Artistic Side   1 comment

Program for juvenile offenders fosters creativity, literacy, and freedom of expression through hip-hop.

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Hip-Hop Helps Teach Everything from English to Algebra   Leave a comment

Like many 16-year-olds, Amir Ali spends a lot of time after school talking with friends about sports, girls, and music — specifically, hip-hop music. But last year, during his sophomore year at Lynwood High School, in Lynwood, California, Ali noticed a drastic shift in these spirited afternoon after-school conversations.

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Five star share for any K12 class   Leave a comment

Found a site worth sharing for two reasons …..

1.  It a great form of project based learning that covers all subject areas.
2.  The sponsor, Intel, did a great job of organizing the content plus it’s not a cookie cutter deal.  I detest those sites where lesson are just a cut and paste.  This one gives you enough information and resources to get you running, but you’ll have to do some work to tie it down to your class needs.

……oh yeah, it’s free too.  🙂

Check it out and kudos to Intel for “giving back” in an effort to getting young people doing some critical thinking with  relevant lessons!

Tomorrow is hump day, Jack

Best class poster yer ever gonna find are here….

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Teacher Handbook For The Digital Age   Leave a comment

I finally finished this short book I’ve been working on ……

It’s a sum total of using what I’ve my strategies to engage student, using current events to hook ’em, and the research I’ve been working on too.  Heck, if students aren’t interested in the lesson material there is no hope they’ll do well on the tests ….. let alone pay attention in class.

The trick for me is to generate a lesson that is interesting to them and keeps me on course for the lesson objectives.  So far, I think I found the right recipe.  If you have any suggestions let me know – I’m all ears.

You can pick up a free copy if you want to see what I’m doing at

Coasting, Jack

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Constructing Innovative Teaching   Leave a comment

Service Learning: Community Café
The Community Café is a table-service soup kitchen that has served more than 15,000 meals to needy residents since December 2006. Kristen Allcorn founded the Café as part of a high school community service project.

Project Based Learning: Digital-age projects give students room to follow their own interests.
Elise Mueller is a Bellingham, Wash., teacher who seems to be in an ideal setting for project-based learning to thrive. She and two fellow elementary teachers share teaching responsibilities for grades 3-5. Students come to Mueller’s room for social studies and language arts; her colleagues teach science and math. All three teachers integrate technology, and they regularly plan projects that cut across disciplines. But as Mueller told me recently in an interview for Northwest Education magazine, there’s still one remaining challenge: getting students on board.

Education Games: One Stop Resources – all subjects
The world of wikis is … well rich and wicked too.
Finally, a decent resource for all you interested in exploring the world of education video games. Check out this Education Game Resource wiki and you’re bound to learn at least one new resource today.

Online Teacher Community

K-12 Green Ed News

Cutting edge of project learning – robotics   2 comments

Early this morning, driving to work I heard this incredible story about high school students beating MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in a competition – TWICE, four years ago. Today, that team is being interviewed on NPR, the students and the teacher, because they have an all girls team in regional robotics competition at LA. This robotics team is project based learning in its’ finest.

The students drive their own efforts to build the robot, plus they work with feeder (middle) schools to train the students there in building and operating robotics, plus they raise funds to be able to travel to the competitions. The teacher, Fredi Lajvardi, puts in tons of hours after school and on weekends – the majority of which is volunteer – he doesn’t get paid by the school district for his club work. I think the key here on the project learning aspect is this – the students are willingly 100% responsible for all the work done by their club.

Naturally, in the course of this participation students learn science and math. They also build incredible social skills. As a side benefit, students get prepared to be engineers and many of the team participants have gone on to a university with scholarship money. The training they provide to the students in middle schools is their volunteer work, which pays off when those middle schoolers understand more about math and science plus they’re ready when they arrive at high school for robotics.

Kudos to Fredi and his determination to make all this available to his robotics team!

Click here for radio interview and slides at NPR.

Click here for the Falcon robotics web site.

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