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Teacher Success depends on critical thinking & classroom management   Leave a comment

Critical Thinking Techniques
Six pages of prompts to ignite classroom discussion. Students learn about applying knowledge. When you ask questions allow them to work together to arrive at an educated guess and use that to steer your lesson plan and accomplish learning objectives.  Get it for a donation at

Polish Up Classroom Management
Classroom management starts with you. Dust off your practices and self esteem with an email course on Personal Power


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Watch this and you’ll weave it in too   Leave a comment

Yep, this is the best – 20 minute video – that simply shows the complex issues of our global village: health, quality of life, earning an income, and leaving something for future generations.

Every teacher I’ve talked to about this says they’re going to use it as a resource.

Check it out, “The Story of Stuff” video at

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Teaching is supposed to be fun….   2 comments

….. where has all the fun gone in teaching?

My classes were rigorous …. I had the students working.

….today these digital kids have so much energy … I figured ou tthe hard way I have to use energy to my advantage or else they’re a fast moving train that’s ’bout to run me over.

I was talking to a teacher friend the other day and we were reminiscing …… we had both been reading and talking to other folks …. all we were hearing ….from many different sources …..was about the pain of teaching ……

This fella and I have similar tastes in learning … we made the kids do the work. We like to be a guide for students …..

…being the sage in class just doesn’t work for us…. apparently it’s not working for a lot of teachers nowadays.

I want my students leaving class exhausted … so I use every tidbit of conversation to fire up critical thinking … once that fire is burning ….

…all I have to do is stoke it with questions.

Students will get to the learning opportunity with the appropriate guidance.

…and when I’m giving that kinda guidance …. teaching is fun!

If you want some free scoop (research and step-by-step guide) on an effective critical thinking technique then click this link ….

Wishing you the best life has to offer,

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