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Three tweaks to improve instruction   Leave a comment

Below is link to useful article on 3 easy teaching strategies to improve student participation. Check ’em out at


Self Growth Tool

Heal Your Self

Free education resources


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Teacher Success depends on critical thinking & classroom management   Leave a comment

Critical Thinking Techniques
Six pages of prompts to ignite classroom discussion. Students learn about applying knowledge. When you ask questions allow them to work together to arrive at an educated guess and use that to steer your lesson plan and accomplish learning objectives.  Get it for a donation at

Polish Up Classroom Management
Classroom management starts with you. Dust off your practices and self esteem with an email course on Personal Power

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Use student collaboration and keep your batteries charged   Leave a comment

Building Relevant Classroom Collaboration
The are 35 pages with techniques to put your students to work. This compares a traditional lesson with a lesson based on collaboration. There is a section focused on building effective time lines for class lessons. Included is a defined classroom collaboration lesson which you can use as a model to build your own lesson. Let student work drive your class – not your talking and talking. If that’s not possible in your class then you need to boost your classroom management skills. Take if for a donation at

Recharge Your Batteries
Understanding your own energetic is a key to better teaching and living. Check out the guide at

Or, use the biomat that literally charges you up and is approved by the FDA at

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Teachers: thousands of free learning resources   Leave a comment

Unleash Web Learning
This packed resource has reviewed over 200 web sites – over 100 pages. All the sites are free – no membership costs to use the content. You save time because we researched the zillions of web sites and culled these nuggets. Included are sites for your Professional Development. Or, use this for classroom activity, homework, or special assignment. Pick and choose sites covering science, math, software, Microsoft Office tutorials, and much more. Each site listed has links on its’ page to more resources …. so this eBook gives you over 1,000 new web resources at your fingertips. Have all this for a donation at

Revise and Move Forward
Explore your understanding of who you are with over 500 resources (all free) at

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Measuring Curriculum Checklist   Leave a comment

This comprehensive checklist grades your lesson work. Use it to fine tune your teaching skills or use it as part of your Improvement Plan. To hone your skills used in this checklist review your classroom management techniques.  Your private assessment tool for a donation at

Grow your skills in living with an email course about personal power for a donation at

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Teachers need TLC too   Leave a comment

So much news, everywhere you look, about the quality of education ……

Everyone has the right answer to fix the issues and challenges that have existed for decades.

Teachers, if you find yourself weary and in need of some spiritual tools to uplift and transform the quality of your living then check out this book …..

Energetic Living –

…. or the baskets of links/resources at Pillars of Light Spiritual Center –

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Quantum energetics – or just talk ions   Leave a comment

Here is an easy way to apply ions to real life – a healing tool that is certified by the FDA.

Check it out!  Discuss the flow of positive and negative ions in/out of the body to get students familiar with the idea that electrical charges do exist. are essential to our health.

The link below has the details and the research links too.

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