Who is choosing what “material” works in K12 classes…..   Leave a comment

What you’re about to read here is true and uncensored ….

… it came to me from a fella I admire and respect that writes math software programs for K12 students…..here is his story:

1.  Click the link below (to FL school district) and view a math problem….

2. Please look at the Second Problem ……
the Answer should be n/4 = 7
but they wrote 1/4n = 7
The correct writing would be (1/4)n = 7 or n/4 = 7

3. The Definition of a Rhombus is :
A Quadrilateral with four equal sides .
But Math.com has a different Definition :
A Parallelogram with four equal sides.
This is the Definition of a Wet Water !!!  Do you know a dry water ???
It is clear that a Rhombus is a Parallelogram

Here is the correct Definition: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhombus
4. My Programs for Color Mathematics have been elected by a School in Sarasota
Florida. The School Principle and Teachers contacted me by e-mail and reported
their Choice of Color Mathematics Programs.

After one month they wrote me that the Donator of the 2000 Computers for various
Schools in Sarasota did Not agree to install “Color Mathematics” but to install “Math.com”
The official Reason : the Program must be Online – this is the most important thing
for a Good School Program !!!

The Computer is Online – is NOT enough ! The Program must be Online !
Have You ever heard of such Nonsense !!! These Companies are trying to control
the Schools and where is the Ministry of Education ???

I am sorry that we have reached such Nasty Situations re-Education !
Teachers – Parents and even Universities have NOTHING to say anymore !
Companies decide about Education and what is Best for our Children !
The Evaluation by Teachers of Math.com is much lower than the Evaluation of
“Color Mathematics”

There you have it folks, big business in education over quality products.
Here is a link to the Colors Mathematics program…. http://geocities.com/Athens/6172/

Wishing you a safe weekend, Jack

Ed Tools Directory: http://www.edtoolsdirectory.com/


Posted April 11, 2009 by Jack in lessons

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