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Spice Up Service Learning   Leave a comment

Teachers, now you can add some recognition to your service learning by using President awards.

When I was coordinating the Blue Planet Society after school the students did it for fun and for learning too. If I had the chance, I would have signed up then as a partner on this new program and given each student an award.

Kinda cool, and something they can keep … plus ….. an experience they’ll never forget.

Check it out at

Happy Tuesday, Jack

I have a bunch of new service links here too:


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Social Meida – useful in a classroom?   Leave a comment

TED is one of my favorite resources for class.  The speakers are top notch and they cover stuff that I’ve not found anywhere else.

This clip is another example, the fella is talking about how blogging and other social media expands our ability to perceive, think, and understand the world around us.

Have  great week, Jack

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Math Treasure Chest   Leave a comment

I stumbled upon a real teaching wonder today.  This site have been a leader of math programs and teaching tools for over a decade.  I guess all math teachers know about … but they never told me.

If you aren’t as sharp at math as you wanna be (me) or want some fresh tools for class this is your place.

BTW,  it has more than 500 direct resources that I counted….. (last one on the page)

Happy Wednesday, Jack

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Resource is gold   Leave a comment

This site is so good, teach using real world examples for science, math, and technology in primary and secondary schools. For example, using the zoo to teach math. There are hundreds of free video clips that show real world scenarios teaches can use in a variety of ways.  Check it out at…

Another hot day at the beach, Jack

PS: check out all the new logos, and the learning cartoon, on my Ed Tools Directory …..

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Grant money – expires April 24   Leave a comment

Here is great opportunity to get some teens involved and get grant money to do it ….

The Institute for Global Education and Service Learning has funds available that will provide training grants to local education agencies interested in bringing a team of students to the National Urban Service Learning Institute.

Click here to get the scoop – deadline is April 24.

Wishing you the best, Jack

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Twitter for Academia   Leave a comment

Here’s a great post by a K12 teacher who used twitter in a class assignment for the first time….. and the results.

Also on this page are additional links to ideas and programs that use twitter in class.

…. it’s a new week starting tomorrow …… a perfect time to start using a new idea for a lesson!

What would your students say if you told ’em they’d be tweeting for the next assignment?

Check out the twitter tips here….

Have a great week, Jack

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FIVE STARS – Earth Day Lesson Ideas   Leave a comment

Earth Day is around the corner and hopefully every class can spend 15 minutes next week just covering the concept….

…or, hopefully a full blown lesson !

In my classes I found that students are interested in doing something about the environment because they see the results …. they directly impact something in a positive way and that’s a mega boost no matter what the scio-economic class floor is.

Courtesy of the Wilderness Organization ….. here are some cool activity ideas – RELEVANT to REAL LIFE –  and the materials to get ’em done with class.

Teachers lounge (materials)

Here’s what some teachers have done in the past:

Best link list I’ve seen for Earth Day:

Happy teaching!  Jack

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