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Several weeks ago when I introduced teacher WIP, I got a bunch of emails telling me some interesting stories about classroom projects, some good and some scary ones too.

Teaching, my opinion, is a conundrum.

There is no recipe that fits all  teachers or every classroom of a certain subject.  When I read some of the efforts underway to improve education, they strike me as efforts to homogenize classes not improve scores ….. or better yet improve learning.

For me, WIP is the one global aspect of every classroom, because classes have work in progress.
Here are two excellent WIP examples…

– teacher presentation
When I’m delivering a lesson I tweak it from class to class.  No presentation is perfect  and being aware of what didn’t work in last class period, can bring a lot more learning to this class period.

– teacher tools
When I first started teaching the older, experienced teachers brought me lots of worksheets and paper resources.  AS time and classes went by, I found out how much student attention rebels with those so I had to expand my horizons on resources to produce more effective lessons.

…..more on WIP later.

Wishing you the best life has to offer, Jack

Ed Tools Directory

Education Learning Games

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Posted March 22, 2009 by Jack in teacher lessons, video games, WIP

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