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I want you to have the scoop on the importance of building classroom collaboration. In my classes collaboration fuels learning and definitely helps improve student grades.

We all know when students are engaged the opportunity for learning is exponential.  I want to help your teaching efforts….. without adding stress, extra classes, more meetings, or more commitments to your schedule. You can use my ezine to comfortably uncover tools and techniques to solidly improve your teaching skills, classroom management, and lesson material. I’m including a 100% guarantee with your ezine subscription.

Immediately, you gain 100% access to my 15 years of expertise and research in 21st century effective education techniques, volumes of accent material to make concepts relevant, and wisdom from experts to rocket your understanding of helping students learn.  Yep, I do the behind the scenes work and serve it to you in my online monthly ezine …. you’re definitely not going to find this quality resource anywhere else. My ezine is intuitive and easy to navigate.

…..the last time you visited Education Rebel the annual ezine subscription was $99.  My special offer today is a 50% price reduction!

That’s right, you’ll receive 12 months for $49.95 …… less than four quarters a week.

…..many of you already acquired my FREE Orchestrating Classroom Participation ebook, now I have two other goodies for your classroom…

When you subscribe in the next 24 hours I’ll send you – absolutely free to youThe Secrets of K-12 Successful Project Based Learning. This top notch ebook has the templates, detailed instructions, and comprehensive techniques to fuel student curiosity and explode class participation.

…and I’ll send you one more gift –absolutely free to you –  my Measuring Curriculum Checklist.  With this handy checklist you can evaluate your own lessons using the advice of experts. This simple to use tool is your private assessment instrument to keep your lessons on track and give you some peace of mind.

Incredibly simple to use and crammed with innovative experience, my Education Rebel ezine subscription and two free gifts, Measuring Curriculum Checklist and The Secrets of K-12 Successful Project Based Learning, are a valuable asset to your teaching proficiency….. helping you work smarter not harder.

I guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your ezine subscription …. if you cancel your subscription after three months, I’ll give you a 100% refund, AND you KEEP my TWO FREE GIFTS.

Wishing you the best life has to offer, Jack

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PS: I have only a limited supply of The Secrets of K-12 Successful Project Based Learning and the Measuring Curriculum Checklist to offer so act today to receive yours now. Both of my free gifts are valued over $39.95 –absolutely free to you.

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