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Today the WIP UP (unlimited potential) is all about curriculum…….

…..this global village connection was established in 1997, it’s a treasure trove with thousands and thousands of pages of covering opportunities across the curriculum and it’s all free.(the site)

…… Wiki, wiki, who has a wiki?  …..  I bet you’re gonna see the need for this in your arsenal too.  (watch and learn)

….. news flash here, this fella is outta the box, when the school budget was exhausted and he needed money to print his math tests for students …. he sold advertising on the exams to make ends meet. (read more)

……Generation Yes site ….. worth a read and tell your students about the global project  (age 10-13) they can run with. (read more)

…….the Teacher Domain has media resources galore for any content area …. they are even have tempting professional development media too…… yes, yes they are free.  (the site)

Cruising again, Jack


Posted December 5, 2008 by Jack in Curriculum, wiki, WIP

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  1. TeacherDomain is a gold mine! I’ve spent the morning looking at some of the activities, videos, and connections! This is one of the best resources I’ve ever seen. Now, if I can ever get my Promethean Board into my classroom to use the technology piece with the students! My district is lagging behind with technology – all but the math teachers were given the boards two years ago…now we’re playing the waiting game with constant push-backs on the schedule. Only my lap top in the class and computer lab time 6 times per semester with my class. ARGH!

    Jack, you ROCK!

  2. Glad you are enjoying that resource I sent out! Keep an eye on your email and my ezine cause there are more. BTW, if you want to tell you teacher friends about me I’m happy to give you instant access to three excellent resources … check ’em out at http://educationrebel.com/TellYourFriend.php.

    Cheers, Jack

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