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…..teachers are always in a WIP [pronounced WHIP] mode since they constantly have Work In Progress. That’s not just the classroom stuff either, they have skills to maintain and that takes a concentrated effort with
focus and attention

…. I like visuals, if you want a copy of my teacher WIP diagram just click here to get it.

Basically, there are four skill sets a 21st century teacher must have, the details in the diagram illustrate the bare minimum – a baseline. Here is a brief description of each:

Curriculum Skills

Understands, designs, and uses instruction to make connections that induce educational
experiences that in turn create life long learners.

Technology Skills

Ability to use and manipulate technology to advance instruction methods and
engage students.

Classroom Management Skills

Has effective control of classroom environment using various approaches to eliminate
disruptive student behavior.

Career Development Skills

The time and effort to participate in activities, outside of classroom work, that promote a wider breadth of teaching practices.

It’s worth noting that there are certain overall requirements that need to be met in order for teachers to have an environment where these skills can be achieved:

1. An administrative supported approach to instruction that supports project based learning and isn’t a MASH schedule to produce correct multiple choice answers.

2. Class sizes are manageable and not a classrooms full of 25 or more students.

3. Teachers have the technology and tools available to them on a regular basis in their rooms, which doesn’t include scheduling a computer lab across campus that has 30 computers for 1,000 students.

What are your thoughts?


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