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….sure teachers are burdened with so much to do these days, I’m not arguing that one.

….and in order for that tide to turn the number of teachers that are willing to step out of the “normal” mold must increase.
…. those are the teachers that are excelling in the face of classroom adversity. Those are the teachers that have students with less behavior disruptions, and those are the teachers that are building the future of good schools.

Here is a simple idea … ask your kids what they would improve about schools today. Getting them involved means getting them interested in class and then they will shine.  Interested students drive class lessons and all you have to do is steer the course.

Here is a starter sheet on questions for students: Give Kids Good Schools.

….and you will find a whole lot more for teachers, parents, and administrators on their web site:

Coasting, Jack
Education Rebel

Posted December 2, 2008 by Jack in 1

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