Character Education – perfect timing   1 comment

This is the perfect time of the year to sneak some character building ideas into lessons.

….without making a lot of fuss you get it easily accomplished and that means you’re supporting our future leaders in building long-lasting social skills ….. ring that bell for class success now!

Here is an idea…..

1.  Gather some details – so you can tell a compelling story to class – about an unfortunate family in the community or a recent global event that turned out tragically.

2.  Set up your students to do paired sharing using your prompt of, “What are some examples of responsibility that people can do during the holiday?”  I realize this is an open and vague question – just let them come up with the answers they do and don’t try to tie down the question for them.

3.  After 2/3 minutes of their sharing with each other, tell your compelling story (3/4 minutes).

4. Now give them a new prompt, “What are some things you can do in your life (community, at school) using the information we have learned studying ________ to be more responsible or help others be more responsible?

5. Let them share for 2/3 minutes and them have a class discussion for 5-10 minutes.

With the goofy schedules at end of semester and testing there is always some time to build in a character ed session – good for the mind, heart, and soul.

Out and about, Jack
Education Rebel

Posted December 1, 2008 by Jack in 1

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  1. Ya you are right. This is a form of project based learning in which academic goals are accomplished through community service. Character learning develops citizenship, responsibility, and many other positive character virtues, making it possibly the most powerful character education program you can implement.

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