Do pedagogy and inpsiration mix?   1 comment

Well, I kept asking myself what inspiration has to do with project based learning and service learning … and I didn’t have any answers. Ever been drawn to something without understanding why? I was drawn to a Tony Robbins video on TED.

After watching it, I was clear – so glad I don’t always need a reason “to do” something. This video clip is 20 minutes well worth your time – for the quality of your life and thus the quality of your teaching. Everything he discusses relates to pedagogy.

What did I learn? Well, too much to mention here but I did grasp that learning/teaching are heavily dependent on unseen forces. In my role as an educator, I think all teachers have made a plan for achieving what we want to deliver in our personal effort to fulfill students’ education – either consciously or unconsciously. Mine is conscious choice at this juncture.

During the drive of our teaching career we are going to make some “decisions of destiny” and each choice we make will bring into view certain choices … those choices are what we end up focusing on and thus shaping our world.

What I find most interesting are his six traits – so to speak – that each of us contain. Yes, we use them all but use some more than others. The one we choose at any time will drives us in that period …. and they are: certainty, variety, significance, connection, growth, contribution.

I can see how different students in different classes are driven by those at one time or another… sometimes all the time. Like the class clowns are the “significance” since they disrupt the class to get 100% attention. The students who “aren’t doing a drawing unless I get a ruler” would be “certainty.” Another is “variety” which is those students who are asking more and more questions about the same subject but in different ways or on related topics.

This is the first time I’ve seen Tony, although I’ve heard of him for years. If you take the time, I think you ‘ll be pleased and find this a meaningful talk for yourself and your students. I’m going to show it to mine this week.

Tell me what you think.

Posted March 16, 2008 by Jack in Inspiration, pedagogy

One response to “Do pedagogy and inpsiration mix?

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  1. I really enjoyed this video, and the information in it. It helps immensely to understand the reasons behind why your students act as they do.

    I definitely believe that pedagogy and inspiration mix!

    I am the first East Coast Power Teacher. Power Teaching uses educational tomfoolery to deliver instruction, and classroom management according to brain based learning strategies (learn how to do this at

    This approach is all about inspiration and making the classroom more fun for both teachers and students.

    Understanding the motivations for the different personality types makes it easier to reach the students effectively no matter what approach you are using.

    Thanks for sharing.


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