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The National Education Association (NEA) has produced the 2007 projections and estimates for K-12 schools in the USA. While the report is filled with excellent research, some digestion is required to absorb what the numbers are saying. Here are some highlights:

– The highest number of students enrolled per teacher in public elementary and secondary schools in fall 2005: Arizona (21.8), Utah (21.3), California (21.0), Oregon (19.8), and Washington (19.3).

– The U.S. average public school teacher salary for 2005–06 was $49,026. State average public school teacher salaries ranged from those in California ($59,825), Connecticut ($59,304), and District of Columbia ($59,000) at the high end to South Dakota ($34,709), North Dakota ($37,764), and West Virginia ($38,284) at the low end.

– Based on trends, the NEA estimated that the average classroom teacher salary for 2006–07 would increase by 3.7 percent over 2005–06, from $49,026 to $50,816. The national average salary, although useful as a benchmark statistic,

– School funding continues to be state-oriented, although the federal share increased somewhat in recent years.

Read the full report here.


Posted February 11, 2008 by Jack in class size, quality education, salary, teacher pay

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