U.S. public schools could have as much as $77 billion…   Leave a comment

“U.S. public schools could have as much as $77 billion more a year to improve teaching if they reduced spending on seniority pay increases, teacher’s aides, class size limits and other measures often found in teacher union contracts, a new study contends.”*
Jay Mathews

I think Jay has a definite possibility for raising money or freeing up money in education. My question is, what is the benefit for students? Is that money going into purchasing real tools that students can use for learning and if so – what are they and when will they arrive? In other words, if the money is going to end up on a budget line and then tools never get purchased then everyone loses. This simple sounding scenario shows the complex equation of education. A feasible idea to raise money …. yet that money can get lost in the inefficient system management pervasive in the business of education.

* Find this entire article at http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/01/07/AR2007010701098.html?nav=rss_education


Posted January 9, 2007 by Jack in Instruction

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